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Relationship Building Academy

Why You Should Choose Us For Training and Consulting

Today you have more choices. Therefore, the time you take to further your education is precious. No one wants to take a class only to find they are not prepared to take the certification test or meet the needs of their customers. We have heard all the horror stories! Stories about employer who have paid a small fortune for hotel, air, payroll and classes only to receive notification that one or all of their employees failed their IICRC exam. What happened? Often it boils down to choosing the right instructor who cares about teaching what is needed to prepare you for the examination and more importantly for your career as a textile or hard surfaces cleaning professional.

Although we do not teach the test, we do teach in such a simplified yet compelling way that holds your attention and facilitates learning. Honored by your attendance in one of our classes, we work closely with you to ensure that you have a positive learning experience. Employers can be assured your employees become impactful technicians the first day back to work. We have some of the best teaching methods in the industry and students are highly successful when they participate in our classes.

Before choosing an instructor consider the following questions:

1.   Is the instructor cleaning today?

Sadly, there are instructors who have not cleaned in the real world in a longtime. This means you will see the same dated power-points and hear antidotal stories taught that could possibly get you into trouble, why? A, they have not use the cleaning method themselves or B, the cleaning technology they used 15 – 20 years ago is now dated. When an instructor does not clean in the real world, they can possibly lose their edge and the cleaning perspective needed to master emerging textile and hard surface technologies entering the marketplace.

The good news is that Relationship Building Academy instructors are actively working in the cleaning industry each and every day. This gives you the advantage of being taught the latest cleaning methodologies on the market in real-time. Our power-points are refined every 30 days and we are always up to date on what will help you become successful at restoring and cleaning textiles and hard surfaces. We strive to make sure that both veteran and novice students learn three key tips to pump up the volume in their company.

  1. Learn how to identify your customers.
  2. Learn how to jump on the back of a racing “YES!”
  3. How fiber construction, chemistries connect to becoming a Certified Textile or Hard Surface Cleaner.

We will help you to elevate your cleaning game to the next level! Transform your company cores values to a customer centered model. There isn’t enough space to include everything you will learn. We have only scratched the surface and invite you to join us for IICRC Approved and Accredited training.

Note: We highly recommend to all our students that they take various classes from different instructors. Why? You can learn new things from anyone. However, we have a demonstrated track record that is second to none in the industry. There are very few IICRC instructors today who can match our pass record.

2.   Does the instructor promote equipment and cleaning sales in class?

Relationship building academy DOES NOT sell cleaning products during our class. We do not allow any suppliers to waste your valuable time trying to sell you something. You can relax and enjoy the learning environment, which will enable you to learn the latest cleaning concepts without any concerns about your valuable time being hijacked or manipulated to coerce you into purchasing equipment or cleaning supplies. While we do recommend a cleaning pathway in our specialty spotting chapter that works well across various chemical manufactures. We do not receive a commission or on the payroll to recommend best practices in dealing with cleaning challenges.

3.   The reasons you are taking a class?

We recognize that there are many reasons you take classes. We have identified four types of students:

  1. Students who want to add to their existing cleaning offering
  2. Students who are new to the business
  3. Students who need CECs
  4. Students who are on the Master Textile Certification track


Whatever your personal reasons may be for furthering your education in the textiles and hard surfaces cleaning industry, you can be assured that you will receive a quality education with Relationship Building Academy!

If you agree we are the schoolRegister Now we look forward in meeting you in one of our dynamic classes.

Michael & Leslie Morrow